Secure Stor
108 Hudson Dr.
Elizabethton, TN 37643
Phone: (423) 543-8671
Secure Stor
186 Lovers Lane
Elizabethton, TN 37643
Phone: (423) 543-8671
If you’re looking for a reliable storage facility, Secure Stor is all you need!
We can provide you with small and large storage spaces for all your storage needs.

How do I rent a unit?
Please call us and we will set an appointment at your convenience.
We can meet after working hours and weekends.

What kind of lease is required?
Month to month. No long term lease is necessary.
You may pay for 6 months and receive a rent discount. We also offer a multiple unit discount.

Ask the manager for details.

What security system do you use?
We utilize multiple systems. Start with 6 foot fencing. Then add a coded electronic gate system where every tenant has their own code which is logged with date and time for every entry and exit.
How do I make payments?
You have multiple options. Checks or money orders may be mailed. You can use your debit/credit card number by phone or pay directly from the website(Contact Us pate). We can set up and automatic draft from your bank. You may use all of these payments and change them monthly.
What access do I have to my unit?
With your personal code you have almost unlimited access. We do limit access after midnight to six am for security reasons.
Who else has access to my unit or code?
Only you or someone you give your code to. If you think your code security is compromised call us and we can set up another code for you.
What if I need a smaller or larger unit?
Just call us. We will give you a new unit number right then over the phone.
What if I need to add another unit?
Just call us. We will give you the closest unit to the one you are already renting right then over the phone.
What kind of lock should I use?
We do require all tenants to purchase from us for only $5.00 a high security stainless steel disk lock.
This lock becomes your property. You will take the lock with for future use when you move.

What will fit?
Let’s talk about unit sizes: THINK VERTICLE!
5x10 Large closet with height of 8-9 feet
10x10 Most popular size, multiple rooms or large items
10x15 One to two bedroom house or apartment
10x20 One car garage, multiple rooms, whole house
10x30 Whole house of 2 to 3 or more bedrooms
Talk to an expert!
For immediate assistance, you may visit or call us today. Our team will gladly assist you! Our storage
ranges from mini to large sized rooms for your convenience. Click here for more information.